IT Infrastructure Management

As a part of our turn-key total solution we provide Infrastructure Management Services as our complete IT solution and services to Infrastructure. We offers IMS solutions with our large technically qualified team for all sizes of businesses and corporates. As a Kick off to any project we meet up with you and your team to understand your specific requirements and to understand other areas of your business which would have a different point of view for the overall scenario.

Having such a close discussion from your team we would clearly distinguish your corporate specific requirements such as if your business require a server, computers setup for the employees and/or cabling and networking to connect with other branches etc. This will further lead our technical experts to design a system which would be optimum for your business also emphasizing further potential growth.Such an initial feasibility study results in a judicious investment which ensures the system selected is specific to the need and can be upgraded to any level without a down time to the existing facilities, as and when required.

Upon evaluation and confirmation of the required system and services, we will take the project from design to commissioning which will include the installation of the entire system from cabling to server set-up and prominently within your estimated budget.The entire system integration is taken on board by our highly technical experts who will ensure the proper and efficient functioning of our system to the best of their ability. Nevertheless we also ensures the final testing of the system for flawless functioning which will also be followed by a training to your nominated staff. We will also make ourselves available with our technical team for any post configuration depending on the selection of your plan to offer support and maintenance and also to catch up and receive your feedback on the functionalities of our installed system.

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